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 NEW song & video from Wild Mountain Band – “Once Upon A Time” written by Mike Nile   featuring Neale Heywood (Fleetwood Mac), Ryan Bee, and Tyler Miller.

The Chevy Astro is a somewhat legendary medium-sized van, beloved by indie musicians and other nomads for its four-wheel drive and near-indestructible 4.3 liter V6. To Secret Circus, the Astro Van has become a symbol of freedom and a dream for the future. Joel Åhman, who wrote this tune has an Astro in Stockholm Sweden to tour Europe with, and his twin brother Captain Klas has the band’s original Chevy Astro, which has brought the band on 350000+ miles of tours around the USA. It still has a life as a work truck on Klas’ ranch in New Mexico. In addition to sturdy cargo straps and custom trailer breaks, both vans now have kids seats mounted in them...

The video was recorded on tour in Sweden, Denmark, Åland, Germany, and New Mexico (USA).